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Coelophysis and Postosuchus

 southwestern United States
216,500,000 - 203,600,000
Coelophysis (see-low-thy-sis) is one of the earliest dinosaurs of the late Triassic, and like its descendants it was a vicious killer, it hunted fish, small dinosaurs, their own kind, they even scavenged for meat.
 Coelophysis did cannibalize each other but only when desperate, like a drought or lack of food. Believe it or not this benefited the species, by eliminating the weak, the ones who survived were more able to survive by hiding or maybe playing dead. They were able to grow and reproduce better then the ones that died before.

 United States
Postosuchus (post-o-sue-cus) was the biggest dinosaur-like predator of its time. Though its ancestor euparkeria used speed to hunt like most predators use today Postosuchus used its bite, too heavy to run fast its best way of catching prey was ambush like the modern crocodilians (crocodiles, alligators, caymans, etc). Once the bite was inflected it was the madder of shock and blood-loss that would kill the animal.
This Postosuchus above is attacking a placerias (pl-a-seer-ee-us) the last large mammal-like reptile of the time. The placerias wouldn't stand a chance, after the bite was inflicted Postosuchus would have just enough speed to follow the migrating herd until the wounded placerias clasped from shock and blood-loss.